Brother Gherinn in Adv. Campaign. Which skills, build, raising7 buying stats?

By Roobikon, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Our group just started their first campaign and I am playing brother Gherinn.

I liked him as a character though I hadn't played him before. I know he is a sort of tankish mage with lots of dmg potential, while being slow. His Heroe's Ability can be strong in moments where you just can't miss, while it still makes him a bit squishy if used more often.

I drew a couple of skills and decided to take necromancy cause I really wanted to try it out (we hadn't played with necromancy rules before). Probebly isn't the strongest skill for him, but I like it.

My question now is: How should I improve Gherinn in the ongoing campaign? Which build would you suggest? Also, in our last session I died because he is just very slow. Any suggestions on how to go about his 3 movement points and which armor to use?

Thanks for any insights on either of those questions.

Ok, let me bump this and maybe rephrase my question:

Could someone hint me in a direction here of which skills to purchase for a mage built (Brother Gherinn or just general mage essential skills).

Also, would it make more sense for a slow mage to raise movement points or just go with health and stamina?

Would appreciate any hints, or maybe a link for a mage build on another site/ forum.

Some good skills for a "slow" mage (and in general) are Spiritwalker and Shadow Soul, which should give enough flexibility in the small AC dungeons to compensate for the low speed. Prodigy is always nice to increase damage output with better weapons.

If the low MP really bother you, go for some treasure items (the ring or the boots). The speed increasing skills like Tiger Tattoo, Swift and the like would IMO better suit a runner or a heavy melee hitter.

Thanks for the hints, Parathion.

I had Shadow Soul on my agenda as well. Will check out the skills you mentioned.


hello, now you say adventure campaign.. what do you mean by this? you speak of necromancy, and i've never heard of it. my friends and i play journeys into the dark with no expansions. currently on quest 6 of 9, waiting to beat the basic quests before getting into an expansion. in our games, our characters start out "naked" and we have a set price of money, and we start by buying crud gear, and eventually by the boss we've got at least one nice item "at random" from a gold chest.

am i missing a way to play descent? is there a way to build a character? keep treasures found? build a skill tree? i'm imagining this to be more like D&D, but i'm not sure if that's what you're doing. any info on this would be great!

They are talking about Road to Legends or Sea of Blood expansion. You keep the same character throughout the campaign. Heros use a map to travel to travel between cities and dungeons. Its great if you can find people willing to play on a weekly basis. I enjoy it a lot more than regular Descent since you get to keep the character to which you become attached.

You may not be playing this campain anymore, but I wanted to reply.

With Brother Gherinn, due to this inherent Melee skill, I would strongly suggest Tiger Tattoo for the increase in speed and fatigue (which he needs both), although this is usually given to a runner because it's so good. A good secondary Melee skill to add would be Knight as this doesn't require a melee attack and still grants you to move 2 spaces and attack 3 times. With a blast weapon, this can literally clear a room if he can do enough damage.

For Magic skills, I like Necromancy and Spiritwalker (although Shadow Soul is interesting) as it doesn't cost anything. If you are going to be using fatigue (as for Knight), I like adding Vampiric Blood to recover fatigue (again works great with blast). This combo of Knight and Vampiric Blood with blast ensures that you're never out of fatigue.

The key to these is that you are doing enough damage to kill monsters. If you are lacking for damage, pick up Prodigy as suggested earlier. This doesn't reduce in effectiveness much in later stages of the campain.

If your taking necromancy as your first skill my advice would be to build as much damage as possible and avoid skills such as spiritwalker. Necromancy only works if you make the killing blow, so dealing enough damage is your main priority. You will also want to focus on Dark Priests if you have that expansion as they deal the most damage of any single base monster if the OL focuses eldritch.

Staff of the Grave is (IMHO) the best copper treasure you can get for early damage potential (and taking out those pesky undying boss monsters.)