By Ocracoke, in Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

Anyone know if FFG plans to reprint this?

I'm interested in this game also. I'd definitely like to get a copy also.

On Nov 10th, an email I received from FFG said:

"We currently have no plans to do a reprint. "

that's a damned shame, I really want to get my hands ob this

it's a well respected game by all accounts, with a high ranking on BGG.

Still, they didn't say they won't be reprinting - just that they currently have no plans to do so... maybe one day eh?

I got the same message from FFG a few days ago when asking for replacements parts.

FFG did have this on the reprint que ealie this year along with drakon, but both have since dissapeared from the que. Shame, both are good solid games.

Very bad((( I want to have it too...

There are several folks on who have copies for Trade or Sale...

Really no plan for reprint? Hobbit fim is coming.