Release date?

By Matthias8, in Black Crusade Collectors Edition

Hi all, can anyone confirm the exact release date of the collectors edition because I can find no reference to it anywhere, I'm eager to receive it as it's one of the most beautiful & stunning products I've ever seen. It must be the corrupting influence of chaos. ?

i have been searching for this as well. Hell, I even sent an e-mail to the Support people...all I get are vague 'some time in 2012' answers. For dropping this much cash on something I for one would like an answer.

Well it is 2012 now.

Any updates as to when it will be coming?
Even a rough timespan - 1st half of the year? 3nd half of the year? 3nd half ?

I recently sent an email to FFG asking the same thing, this was the response I got:


Black Crusade Collector's Edition currently is slated for sometime in February.

That date may change based on the nature of the product.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


So yeah, february. :)

Glad someone got some info...they ignore my e-mails now.


Will watch out for further news in Feb.

I was told by shipping that it will be February of 2012.

Finally! they ship soon. I have been waiting forever.

Just got confirmation that it shipped 12 hours ago.

I just received mine on Thursday, I have to say that it was well worth the wait. A beautiful product. Will enjoy this immensely. Thank you FFG.

Still waiting for mine. I am getting more and more pissed, this is THE LAST thing I will order from Fantasy Flight.

I'm feeling the same way, though it isn't FFG's fault.

My Collctors Edition was supposed to have arrived in february, UPS said so.
Except it was nowhere near the recipient (my sisters) house.

We requested for the package to be retrieved or at least found.
This took a month, a **** month.

UPS found the package and re-delivered it. Except that didn't happen again.
She did receive a package the same day it was supposed to have been redeliverd, but that wasn't it. That package wasn't even from FFG.

Now I contacted FFG again, like a week ago. Saying that we still didn't have my collectors edition
I have sent 5 mails over the past week, but I have not gotten any replies from FFG.

My Sister is moving back to europe in june, so she will be unable to receive any packages at that addres then.

And seriously, a package that has been lost for a month and a half is simply ridiculous.