To buy or not To buy

By Darkmittens, in Black Crusade Collectors Edition

so i have already bought Black Crusade, but the cover of the new book looks so impressive, i mean i might not even need a Gm screen anymore i could just use the book itself and it would look cool enough, but with a hefty price tag i am kinda on the fence here, Despite all the ridiculous content and my ever so fervent wish to have that writ of execution is it worth the price tag?? your thoughts, i already have the book is it worth it for the epic new shiny one?? money is just bursing into flames in my wallet right now....

I figure, if you really want it badly enough, and you can financially swing it, AND you actually will use it....ALWAYS go for it. I also have the other CE's and I'm buyin this one as I'm a bit of a completist. I'm banking on FFG putting out a DH CE of thier own after they do a 2nd edition.(I hope.)

If you DO buy it, prepare for a helluva wait. Customer service was quite vague about the actual shipping date when I Emailed them, been waiting since September to hear back from them again...great*tty service.

I would buy it, but kinda broke right now though. I can almost always justify the extra cost for something like this though... its like the difference between buying my graphic novels in TPB vs. Deluxe Editions.

yes! i want to buy.