Personalization question

By Maern, in Deathwatch Collectors Edition

Hello, everybody!

I've just ordered my own Collector's Edition - and completely forgot to add instructions for personalization.

Any info - if I replied to mail with the order details with my personalization details (sorry for bad English by the way) - do i have eny chance to get my copy personalized?

Well, it seems that a lot of people forget about personalization details while ordering. :) Received mail from one of the sales persons (I think) with instructions "what to do if you really missed that order details" :-) Guess this topic may be closed

I got this in the email when i ordered mine

Please enter the following two details so we can customize the included Apocryphon Oath -

Apocryphon Oath (enter the name you wish to use):

Chapter (enter the Space Marine Chapter of your choice):

One important note : both entries has a limit of 26 characters (including spaces and punctuation) for each field.

I hope this helps

plus the swtro credits period of time is the better remady.