How many are being made?

By IbiteHRD, in Black Crusade Collectors Edition

Wondering what the print run number is...

IbiteHRD said:

Wondering what the print run number is...

Quoted from the news page, "Only 750 of these individually numbered editions will ever be produced, and we expect our inventory to go swiftly ", way lesser than the print run of DW CE (2000 copies) and RT CE (1000 copies).

Guess DW Collector's didn't sell as well as expected and/or they don't think Chaos will be as popular as playing Marines.


Well, I ordered one. I can't wait to burn worlds in the name of Chaos. Blood for the Blood-God!

Noxize, did they bill you right away?

I can't swing this now, but if they charge when it ships (after Christmas) I'll have plenty of capital.

Yeah, billed right away. Pre-order-ish kinda deal I guess.

Billing was right away for me too! This sucks, considering the waiting time frame. 750 copies should be ok. defenately better than the issue with DH and RT versions that were too few.

I would really like to see them remaking the DH one. Thats the only one I am missing enfadado.gif

Well, I tried to E-mail coustomer support asking about the release date, and recieved a rather vague message that 'It's being released soon' and that was all they could say. Now, I dunno about you guys, but when I pay close to 200 bucks for something..I like a lil more info on when I'll get it...not a vague 'sometime in 2012..' answer..


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Wanted to order one, but no cash unfortunately