Events outside of the US?

By faith_star83, in Arkham Nights 2011

I wonder if there will ever be such great events outside of the US....I'd so love to join this, but it's physically impossible... :(

I don't suspect this will happen, at least not with a FFG organized and hosted event. It's one of the reasons why they opened their Events Center, which is literally just a few blocks from their headquarters.

That being said, it would be nice if they provided other regions the option of having an organization hold an authorized event in another location, if for no other reason than allowing people who can't make it to the official event a chance at getting the cool promo items, and the ability to play games with other like-minded fans.

That's what gets me the most. I'm a total completest when it comes to these games, and there is no way I know of to get these special items. In particular the new Ancient Ones. I'd have thought for sure Daoloth from last year would be available by now to people who coudn't make it, but I'm losing hope with the news that they're making even MORE special cards. Print on Demand for these items would be nice.

I totally agree. It's great to have preview or special items to encourage attendance at local events but really annoying to have no chance of obtaining certain cards or game accesories - even at a later date.

I would like also something outside US to make the promotions...

This would really be cool. But as said before these would be events organized by the partners of FFG I think. I've seen some for lcgs but nothing like Arkham Nights...

PoDs of the offered specials would be very nice (or included in an expansion)