Question about " modifier " notion

By Mitch de Nantes, in Battles of Westeros

Hi everybody

I have a question about « Modifier ». The rules says (for a Forest hex) : “….Unit in a forest hex rolls a maximum of two combat dice (before modifiers)…. »

So : what is a “Modifier” ? (and what is not a Modifier, of course)

Exemples :

Kevan Lannister ability “give 2 dices to an adjacent unit”, is it a modifier ?

Two units who made a combined attack, rolls +1 dice against a Forest ?

Jaime Lannister ability (+1 die per flag token) ?

Pikes (+ 1 die against Cavalery) ?

Etc… Etc..

Thanks, Rupprecht of Nantes

Everything that modifies the rank number of dice is a modifier.

Green roll two, blue roll three and red roll four. Everything else is a modifier.

You'll find the wordings on page 19 under "5. Determine Attack Dice".