Exterminator cartridge

By Umbranus, in Dark Heresy Rules Questions

What kind of flamer is a exterminator and which weapon training do you use it with?

As far as I coud see it is not mentioned if a exterminator is a pistol- or a basic flamer.
Can you use it in melee if it's attacked to a melee weapon? Instead attacking with the melee weapon that is.

What damage does it do and at what range?

Ok, consider it to be a single shot "Basic Flamer" (same damage, same range, same traits) that can only be fit onto a any weapon that does a 1d10 for damage or more (including melee weapons) but cannot be attached to pistols. Once used just replace with another "Exterminator" at the cost of 35 thrones. It may require flamer training, or it may not (leave it up to the GM) but I get the feeling it doesn't no flamer training is needed.