Number of player matter?

By twak2, in Mansions of Madness

Hi forum goers.

I'm thinking about getting this game for our group to play when we do not have enough players for Chaos in the Old World or Battlestar Galactica.

So I was wondering if anyone could coment on how the game plays with 3 players (1 keeper and 2 investigators)?

We've played Descent in the past and that game is really hard with only 2 heroes, since this game seems similar i was wondering if Manions would have the same problem of needing the max number of investigators to work as intended.

Thanks in advance.


My brother and I played it with just the two of us. It wasn't very fun. The board couldn't be explored fully and the keeper couldn't build up enough threat to do anything cool. I think this is a game where the more players the better.

I have plenty of board games and I always play with my wife so all my playing experience is 2 players. I have to say MoM gives the best 2 players experience we've ever had for a story driven "dungeon crawler". For me it plays better than Castle Ravenloft, Descent and DungeonQuest for 2 players. We tried it with 1 investigator it wasn't very good but then we tried it with the investigator player controlling 2 investigators and it worked much better. Controlling investigators is extremely simple (2 moves, 1 action) specially with their very simplistic YET VERY WELCOME combat mechanic (I can't emphasize how beautiful the simplicity of combat is) and due to that even if one player controls 3-4 investigators their turn moves swiftly.

This game is great it is what I wanted Descent to be and Descent was what brought me to the "new age" of Board Gaming.

I think Yewsef nailed it. You can play with 2 people, but the person controlling the investigators needs to control two investigator characters to make the game really work.