thinking of buyin this game

By loken14, in Chaos in the Old World

i no the rules say 3-4 and i guess 5 now with the horned rat but i really think this game looks cool is there any possibility to play this with only 2 people or do u absolutely need at lest 3 people i no letters of marque i can play with 2 people even though the rules say at least 3

There is no way to play this game with two people that I can think of. It would be very stupid with only two players. I would even argue that the game struggles to do 3 players well.

thxs its just i was goin to order this game then my play group shrrunk from 4 to 2 and i still wanna play this game though

Its one of the best board games I've played in years, so the moment you get a third (and ideally fourth) person back in your group buy it! The game is by far best with 4 players but you can do 3 (I think the best way to do 3 is to drop Khorne from the game personally).

I also highly recommend the expansion set. Beyond adding room for a fifth player, it has much more balanced and interesting card sets and upgrade abilities.

thanks im thinkin of buyin it and just seeing if it wouldnt be too hard to just house rule it to 2 until i can get more people to join which shouldnt be too long

With the best will in the world, I think you'll struggle to have fun playing this with two players. One problem you'll face is lack of competition. If neither of you are playing Khorne, then it'll be pretty easy (and pretty likely) that you'll both ignore each other for the entire game. The board is big enough for you to avoid each other.

And if you do include Khorne, then there'll be no one for the other player to hide behind. Khorne will just slaughter the other player who will be able to do very little about it. Normally this doesn't happen because Khorne wants to attack as many regions (and so players) as possible, so you're pretty unlucky if Khorne is hitting you over and over again.

It's a cool game, and I feel your pain at not being able to play it, but I think you really need as many players as possible. 4 (or 5, with the Horned Rat) ideally, but 3 at a pinch.

Two player would not be very fun unless you add a third player as a dummy but still it would be limited.

From what I have heard, this can be played two player if each player uses two chaos gods. Is this true?

Sounds more like an attempt to make a house rule to make it viable for 2 people.

This is one of those few games where you really need 4, or at least 3 players.

No amount of house ruling to make it playable with 2 will give you as much fun as playing as it was intended.

The four ruinous powers are almost mathematically opposites, the game is so elegantly balanced for one character to antagonize the other, that i would say you should make more efforts into getting two more friends, than into spending time trying to house rule it into 2.

It is worth it... believe me.

there are house rules on making a 2 player variant but to my knowledge none of them are any good

im gonna get it possibly pay three I just really think it looks good but with some changes as were getting older starting to go our own way its hard to get a few people together at once although Ill make the effort