Training at the Citadel

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“Point your prow toward Old Wyk, where stood the Grey King’s Hall. In the name of the Drowned God I summon you. I summon all of you! Leave your halls and hovels, your castles and your keeps, and return to Nagga’s hill to make a kingsmoot!”
A Song of Ice and Fire, Volume IV: A Feast for Crows

Isle of Ravens , the fourth Chapter Pack in the Secrets of Oldtown expansion cycle is now on sale at your local retailer and our webstore ! This Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game adds more to the developing Maester and Chain themes, as well as provides 60 never-before-seen cards (3 copies each of 20 unique cards) for every Great House in Westeros.

baelor-blacktyde.png A noble addition to the sea

Players will find many cards within Isle of Ravens to add variety to their experience, including Baelor Blacktyde , a forgotten son of the Iron Isles, and a unique character within the LCG. Baelor is one of the few Greyjoy characters that features a Noble crest, and thus can trigger The Seastone Chair ( Beyond the Wall , F28) or take advantage of neutral noble-crest related cards. Baelor’s ability is beneficial when your opponents have played event cards that are now in their discard piles. Baelor’s ability effectively makes any remaining copies in their hands or decks useless until he is killed. Players can use this card in a “Raider” deck (a deck that is built around discarding cards from your opponents’ decks) and given the possibility that they can send an event card directly to an opponent’s discard pile before it is played, Baelor will disadvantage that opponent without you suffering from the event beforehand.

Isle of Ravens also includes more variety for each House’s arsenal. Read our previews to discover how this Chapter Pack provides House Targaryen with a way to use influence with new potential , and House Baratheon with more cards for its rush deck through a new Bastard .

Prepare to destroy your enemies when you visit your local retailer and pick up a copy of Isle of Ravens today!