Never Grow Up

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Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to be working with innovative store owners through our Retailer Spotlight program. Last week we introduced you to a Chicago-based retailer ; today we will be highlighting Denver’s Kevin Pohle and his store, The Wizard’s Chest!

The Wizard’s Chest has been an enchanting experience for adults and kids alike for thirty years. From costumes, magic, and games, this store has it all. Let’s hear from Kevin! twccastlepic.jpg

The Wizard’s Chest

Address: 230 Fillmore Street Denver, CO 80206
Telephone: (303) 321-4304
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: The Wizard's Chest Facebook Page

Store Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 10am - 7pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 5:30pm

Stop in and dress up

The Wizard’s Chest has been bringing fun into the heart of Denver and helping ensure that its adults do not ever have to grow up. The Wizard’s Chest has become a local institution as Denver’s most magical toy store and costume shop since it opened in 1981. Three generations have passed over the drawbridge looking for everything under the sun, and a visit to The Wizard's Chest is an experience to remember. The look of overwhelming joy that light the faces of every kid that walks through the door (and more than a few adults, too) is one of the most unforgettable sights we get at The Chest! wizard.png

Situated in the middle of the Cherry Creek North shopping district, The Wizard's Chest has a little bit of everything packed into our walls. Wandering upstairs you can explore our amazing costume department. We’ve got a truly astounding selection of costumes and accessories for all occasions, shapes, sizes and preferences, including some stuff you might never think of on your own. Makeup, dress-up, weapons, feather boas, wigs and crazy hats abound the second floor, as do a number of mirrors (so you can see how silly or awesome you look!).

Downstairs, we have wind-ups of all sorts, rockets and juggling gear, puzzles ranging from a few dozen pieces all the way up to 32,000 tiny little bits, and craft books covering a whole range of cool and creative projects. In another, we have a wealth of science kits and one-shot experiments, as well as a world-class magic shop aimed at veteran and aspiring magicians. From there, you can wander into the tiny plastic wonderland we call Cheap Thrills. You will always find a large variety of goodies, including plastic soldiers, knights, animals and monsters, as well as rubber balls, play clay, goofy and kooky gifts, and the always awesome Magic 8 Ball. A few more steps take you to a land of stuffed animals, rings, pendants, and silly erasers straight from Japan.

A great selection

Most importantly, we have games! From Settlers of Catan to Twilight Imperium , Magic: The Gathering to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game , Balderdash to Wits & Wagers , Enchanted Forest to Frog Juice –we have a massive selection of games, with the handy Fantasy Flight Media Center at the heart to supplement our game experts as they try and find the right game for everyone that comes in. We take pride in not just carrying a huge selection of toys and games, but in being experts in how to have fun with everything that we carry. storepic3.png

The Wizard’s Chest isn’t just a place to buy things, either, as we host events every day. We host events for Magic: The Gathering , Redakai , the Pokemon trading card game, World of Warcraft , Heroclix , Warhammer and clubs focused on chess, yo-yo’s and juggling on the weekends. Thursday night is game night–many of which we’ve chosen to feature based on the interest generated from the Fantasy Flight Media Center. We keep a play space available for open play, in case some of our customers need a place to play (or just a place to get away).

One thing that makes The Wizard's Chest stand out amongst other stores (aside from being an actual castle, that is), is our staff of talented and knowledgeable employees. Come in on the weekend and you’ll find jugglers, magicians, hard-core board gamers, card game fans, pro yo-yo players, make-up artists and mad scientists waiting to help you out. We don’t just sell you devil sticks or bruise make-up, we teach you how to use them so you look good while you’re doing it.

storepic2.png Come down and see us the next time you’re in Denver, and we’ll show you around a store that is truly one of a kind. Lots of places promise that sort of experience, but we’ve been doing so since the day we opened 30 years ago.

Thanks, Kevin! Make sure to keep watch for our next Retailer Spotlight article.

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