How does it play?

By Peacekeeper_b, in The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus

Been looking at this at my local game store. Is it worth it?

I have played it thru three times, and I find it works nicely in a mixed group that is made up primarily of family and casual players. Its light on strategy and mechanics. though it certainly has charm. I get the feeling, most people wont want to play it more than once a session though. It gives the false impression there is a lot more going on then there really is. collect as much treasure as you can until it looks like a single block can close off your exit, then stop exploring and get out. the most interesting thing it does is limit your number of actions based on the number of items and wounds you are carrying. I'm hoping it will work as a bridge to more heavy thematic games.

It looks fun. I wish it could play more players.