Prologue error?

By causeitwasfunny, in Mansions of Madness Print on Demand Expansions

Since I usually play as the Keeper, I tend to read through all the information ahead of time (clues, story set up info, etc) and it seems as though the 4A story info in the prologue should actually be titled 4B (and vice versa) based on where the first clue is located. I'll keep it spoiler free, but can anyone concur with that?

It's not a major issue, since the only fix needed is just reading 4B out loud despite placing the clues according to 4A. It just might mislead investigators initially (although my group tends to ignore the story clues I read to them anyway).

I haven't seen any other issues aside from that, though.

Actually, nevermind. It wasn't a mistake. I missed a note that I had made and it turns out everything is A-okay. I'm an idiot.