Organisation of Tournament

By A.J.Mustafa, in CoC Organized Play

hello, I would like to organize a tournament for CoC/Lotr in my city, and I don't know where I can order some supply for those games, I send some e-mail to FFG but without answers, can you help me, or show what can I do to organize this , maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Thx for your answers


TheProfessor said:

If you mean the "leagues", then the league kit is available for purchase by stores that have an account with Fantasy Flight Games.

There is information here: javascript:void(0);/*1310670350023*/

Thx, that thing is really cool , but i'm looking for something bigger I need a support kit for like 30 people, because this will be a Championship.

I think some Frenchman organize a well supported tournament with a big kit in France or Belgium a couple of years ago. But I don't have any information about it :(

Recently, the Regionals Championships were held - they happen once per year during the Spring season.

If you just wanted to make a big tournament on your own, I don't think Fantasy Flight has standard packages for such things. You could just purchase whatever prizes you feel are appropriate and use them. Be advised that even for things like the Regional Championships the stores must purchase the prizes from Fantasy Flight. There is no "prize support" for this game provided by the manufacturer.