Preternatural Awareness

By Umbranus, in Dark Heresy Rules Questions

The Psy Power Preternatural Awareness states that you perceive everything around you even behind you because you don't use your eyes.
That gives a bonus to awareness and initiative. All fine.

But what about light conditions? Would you say that someone using that power still depends on light to see?

As he doesn't use his eyes I would guess that he doesn't get any bonus from having photo contacts or bionic eyes. So someone with one of those would in the end perhaps see less that he would without that power if it doesn't grant the ability to see in the dark.

What do you say?

We have always played that it was more of a "spidy sense" then actually be able to see in all directions you more accurately were able to sense what was around you or sensed "ripples in the warp" of immediate danger.

My group plays it as ignores darkness and everything, sort of always seeing the world in infrared or some such pattern.