Ethnicity and character height

By hellgeist, in Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG

Hi Everyone,

I have been using an ethnicity guide for a while now, I got it last year from a French site. I translated a version and so did someone else. While it is quite helpful in developing a character background and appearance, It did not have images for all the cultural profiles, nor any indication of average heights.

Since it is pretty well known that these cultures correspond to existing ones here on earth, I went and did a bit of research to find out the mean average heights prior to 1930 as an indication of their natural height. I chose older data because people grow taller now due to factory farming (growth hormones), and hyper-nutrition from fortified foods.

This was provided for realism, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to. Anime will often portray everybody as supernaturally tall and thin, so for some of you this is a non-issue. For me, it was important because we have characters from very different regions in our group, and some of us are also artists, so drawing height differences is a question not easily answered.

I have uploaded my PDF to share - this one is based on the one in circulation, but with pics added for all the types (sorry for my bad photoshop), height ranges, and the list of Gaian common names by region.

Ethnicity in Gaia

Pretty awesome. I'll be reading through this very soon. It looks good! Only question I have about ethnicity is I have a character that is from Estigia, which is 96% Taller (which is an ethnic group.) The question is does anyone have any information on them, I assume their real world version is the ancient egyptians. But is there any nuances or differences from their real world counter parts? (Other than culture)

I think this is one of the typos In the Gaia book. Ethnicity for Estigia says 'Taller', though there is no record of that ethnicity anywhere else Anima-related that I've been able to read. I think it should have said Tayahar, who occupy over 30% of the population in Sygia (aka: Estigia).

sounds like that to me too. I just wanted to verify :) .