Base modification

By player886919, in Tide of Iron

Well, I did it. Wanted to for a long time, and finally did it. With our convention coming up, it was time.

I am doing TWO boxed sets, one German army is finished.

1) Bought the small metal washers from Home Depot, and the paint.

2) Trimmed tabs on the solders and washed them with soap and water.


3) Superglued figures ot the base and reinforced them with another small drop.
4) Painted solders a matching gray.


5) Trimmed flexible magnetic sheet to fit stands making that Squad Specialization tabs were clear.
6) Painted stands.


7) Walla! Troops in action.



Time for One box set German army (minus paint drying time) one full day.

Nicely done and cool idea.

What a brilliant idea. Nice one!