Anbody think this should get an expansion?

By grim_reaper_zig, in DungeonQuest

I would love to see an expansion of this game, as they could add quite a bit to it.

-New characters, mostly fro, the terrinoth universe so we can play our beloved characters from other games.

-New tiles. I want to see tiles that throw me into a monster encounter right away, one with a spiked trap of some sorts, and maybey a room that can "Link" to a random part of the dungeon?

- New cards in general. I'd love to see new monsters, traps, and items to find from corpses.

What else could you guys think up?

I don't want to poop the party but I actually enjoy having a game that does not have expansions or add-ons :) Normally, I'm an expansion freak but I really enjoy the whacky, simple and fast joy that one (or two, three) games of DQ gives me and my fellow geeks. I really dont want DQ to become more complex or any longer. I don't have problems with FFG including DQ-Chars in other games in the future though.

I became a bit more conservative regarding expansion sets as most of the games these days seem to be designed to have at least 2-3 expansion sets. DOnt need to fix anything that is not broken. And remember: DQ from DQ already included the original expansion (Catacombs).

I don't really need any more of anything except characters. Each character having already gotten 15 runs into the Dungeon, would like some variety in the long run. A few more Dragon cards (with different stuff from draw 2 treasure or rage) would be #2 on my want-list.

Don't really see anything that needs or wants to be added to the game... as a commercial product. More characters would be nice but not essential, since the characters present are certainly enough for a game that really doesn't invest a lot of "character" as it is. Making your own DQ characters based on studying the standard ones is simple enough.

Fleshing out some of the smaller decks would have been nice from the start... (simply duplicating cards present but with no duplicate shuffle card) to avoid the annoying shuffles so often. And so, no on the expansions... and don't care what they put in other games.

DQ characters don't really fit well in to other games, nor the other way around. Translating them doesn't prove to be effective in creating a cross-character with similar ability, strengths, and weaknesses. I know because I've done by the math. That's just a product sales trick. Savvy though it is, if I didn't have Runebound, I wouldn't have bought it based on some characters cards in DQ. I certainly didn't run out and buy Descent because of it.

Sounds to me like this would be a good candidate for a POD expansion with some extra cards and characters.

I'd prefer to have more one-time use items of randomness, such as a blink spell that sends you to a random adjacent room regardless of walls, etc. More things that have loot value and can be used as well for more risk-reward choices. There aren't many choices as is, so these are needed imo.

how about a temporary invisibility say three rounds so you dont have to draw any room or encounter cards like a free empty room for the next three rounds???

how about a temporary invisibility say three rounds so you dont have to draw any room or encounter cards like a free empty room for the next three rounds???

I like it. And unlike the standard fantasy vision of invisibility (oxymoron/pun intended), it even addresses the physics question of not being able to see anything if light is avoiding your eyes. Since you aren't drawing room tiles, your character will have no idea what's in those rooms he passed through whilst invisible! =P