A Prelude to War

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A new evil stirs in the bowels of the Ru Steppes. From the fog of Waiqar’s dark lands, scouts tells of preparations for a coming war. Ancient and powerful dragon runes have fallen into the hands of our enemies, who even now plot to expand their domains through conquest. Shall we wait to become their thralls, or shall we rise up to become the new masters of Terrinoth? Now is the time to act before before we are smitten, purge before we are sickened, strike before we are struck. RA01_Rules_eng_web-3.png

The release of Rune Age , the card game of conquest and power in the rich fantasy setting of Terrinoth, grows ever nearer! Designed by Corey Konieczka, Rune Age is a dynamic scenario-driven deck-building card game that puts 2-4 players in control of a faction setting out to complete objectives based on the game's scenarios. Raise your armies, take control of cities, and obliterate your foes in a realm gripped in conflict. How will you pave your path to victory?

Rules of War

And today, the rules for Rune Age (pdf, 4.9 MB) are available on the support page ! Download them today, then head to your local retailer and place your pre-order. You can also learn more by reading our detailed previews or viewing our in-depth video description :

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Be among the first

Want to be among the first in the world to play? We will be running demos during all four days of Gen Con Indy 2011 at dedicated tables. Register today for a game in event hall F, or head to our booth in the main exhibit hall for a demo with a Fantasy Flight Games team.