Variants on the Luther

By player359820, in Dust Tactics

Has anyone else modified a Luther to focus on other roles? I know about the Bergeluther, but here are some thoughts I had on the Luther mods:

Loge= 5cm on one arm, Nebelwerfer on the other. Named after a fire diety. Does not have the Charge ability.

Luchs= 2 kampfzange and 2 MG44 with FAST or AGILE abilities AND the ARTILLERY STRIKE. Does not have the Self Repair ability. This is a recon unit, perhaps predates light walkers. It has 1 less health box to represent its lighter armor.

Leopard= 2 X 5cm guns, 1 MG44, with the SELF REPAIR and the DAMAGE RESILIENT abilities.

These will obviously require modifying the kampzange and 5cm guns of 1 Luther. I have extras.

Any ideas or variations?