Issue with Zor'ka

By player338225, in Tannhauser

Zor'ka with command pack (Presence) does not lose Mental duels.

Give her the Masque of Samhain and now you cannot attack her.

I know that you can damage her with grenades but that is not a sufficient threat if Zor'ka is correctly played. She is unstoppable in a scenario like Thunderstruck.

Bonus tokens often cause balence issues, it may be wise to discuss their use before the game begins.

It's a bit problematic...

They are available tokens as all other are. The rule do not suggest that their use is limited by the agreement of your opponent.

I sent several questions regarding Zor'ka to Fantasy Flight Games some time ago. Two of these questions also concerned the Masque of Samhain. Here you see the actual questions and the official answers.

Rule Question:
1) When using the revised rules, is Zor'ka still immune to her own Magnifier attacks?
2) Does the Masque of Samhain (Asteros bonus token) also works if the charakter is targeted by a counterattack?
3) Zor'ka is equipped with her Command Pack including Presence ("You may not be targeted by Mental Duels."). She also is given the Masque of Samhain (She needs to be defeated in a Mental Duel before she may be targeted by an attack). Is it now possible to attack her at all?


As with all of our rulings, we will try to address them in the next FAQ update. So for now, the following rulings are subject to change if the FAQ differs.
1. Zor'ka and Voïvodes are all immune to the Magnifier attacks.
2. If the Character wearing the Mask of Samhain attacks another character, they may be targeted by a counterattack.
3. Mask of Samhain should read: This bonus token may not be equipped by characters with the "-" null Mental value.

So Zor'ka can't have the Masque and her Presence token at the same time. But even without this combination, Zor'ka with Masque of Samhain is really hard to kill or even to damage. I played her several times using her stamina pack (shock roll with 5 dice) and the Masque.

Many thanks. This answers that question.

Very very good. Tahnks for the answer.

I have a question - when Operation Novgorod will be re-printed - will the stamp "Legend" be removed from Zorka's playing card? Just curious.....

While it really should be, I doubt it.

Miah999, thanks for reply. So, Zorka will stay the only "LEGEND" unit in the whole Tannhauser universe :)

Well not really as in the Revised Rules there's no such thing as "Legend", only "Epic".

Some definitions.

Legend: High stats, only 4 health rows, and automaticly canceled all natural 10 abilities.

Epic: High stats, 5 health rows, and that's really it.

Yes, I understand - I mean the only character with "LEGEND" stamp :) (I sometimes play her as legend not epic - accodring to old rules). By the way, while translating Rules 2.0 into russian I understood that I don't like some new definitions for character's equipment from the Rules 2.0 - for example they severly downgraded Wolf's weapons.....