Map for Haistand city

By Elindur, in Deathwatch Gamemasters

Hi guys,

i'm at the frst attempt to run a Deathwatch campaign. Since i don't have much time to develop a persona storyline or a campaign, i decided to buy "the emperor protects".

unfrtunatly i soon found that it lacks of the very basic needs for a GM. Few handouts and almost total absence of maps.

at the moment i really need the map of Haistand, just because i'm not able to figure out the exact position of each important building only by the descriptions provided in the book.

i tried to search around the web, but it is hard t find something compliant to the description of the city.

anyone has already found a map suitable to represent Haistand?

tnx a lot.


I have run the first part of TEP and made a handful of maps of both Haistand and the surrounding places incorporated in the scenario, as well as illustrations of the faces of the most prominent NPCs in it. I could send this material to your email address if you want. It's several tens of megs in size, and it's good to be sure you can recieve that kind of amount of files. Regards, Erik (dracopticon). My email address is [email protected]

tnx, i sent you an email.