Reducing cost Question

By Kal Verd, in 2. AGoT Rules Discussion

Im new to the game and just had a question about reducing cost. Ive had a look round including checking out the F&Q but couldn't find what i need.

When using cards like Western Fiefdom that reduce a card by one or more is it possible to use more than one to reduce the cost of a single card. Or is it one reduction per card?.

E.g - Kneel two Western Fiefdoms to reduce the cost of a single charater by two. or more if other cost reducing cards are available.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Sure, you can. Just keep in mind that you're reducing the cost of the next card/character you play. If you use the fiefdoms, then play a 0-cost character you'll be wasting them.

Thanks Eloooooooi. I did think you could but wasn't 100% so thought id check.