An Unfamiliar Ride

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Now there was a subtle and terrible turn to London, as though something in its foundations had shifted out of line.

The London Eye was still standing, thought it had fallen into disuse after the day when enthusiastic tourists went up on one side of the enormous wheel and vanished into the circling cloud above. [...] The Tower of London and its environs were abandoned by nearly all normal people, the magical emanations spinning in the cyclonic cloud overhead radiating its own fearsome aura. [...] Even the clock tower of Big Ben–one of the most iconic London landmarks–had not gone unscathed. It was missing an entire corner, rumored to have been disassembled by a swarm of gargoyles who had built a nest around the enormous bell from which the tower and its clock borrowed the name.
Embers of Atlantis , Tracy Hickman

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to present Embers of Atlantis fans with our third and final preview chapter! Escape into Ethan Gallows’ unknown and yet familiar world as it is invaded by magic and mythical beasts.

In the first novel based in the acclaimed Fireborn roleplaying game setting, Ethan Gallows’ world is transformed on a simple trip to film an art collection in London. After witnessing an act of sorcery, ancient memories flood his mind, memories seen through the eyes of a dragon. Memories he’s told belong to him. Now while on a journey to discover the truth about his past he must place his trust in a woman claiming to be a draconic scion.

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Embers of Atlanti s’ unique narrative continues with its third chapter, Cabbie. Left to navigate their own way to Trafalgar Square, Ethan and Collette encounter Valja, a London cab driver, hear news of strange magical occurrences, and Ethan has a vision of a lithe, violet-eyed woman...

Download Cabbie (pdf, 584 KB), the third chapter of Embers of Atlantis , from the Embers of Atlantis support page (where you can also download the first and second chapter).

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