How set the gama for 4 player???

By ArturiStellare, in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

must i use double of encounter deck to play with 4 players? If my core set have 4 player deck why it is for 1-2 players? and how play in a tournament?

You don't change the encounter deck. You'll just cycle through it faster because you reveal more cards per turn, but you just reshuffle when it's empty (during the questing phase).

As for why the game box says 1-2 players, it's because you only have 2 threat counters and you can't buil 4 tournament legal decks from 1 core set (tournament legal decks are 50 cards minimum). There's nothing preventing you from using dice to count threat and play with smaller decks, but it changes the challenge value of the game. You'll also find that players will fight over cards if you try to make multi-sphere decks for 4 players out of a single core set.

exaustive answer, many thx !