WOTR Collectors

By andrewwhite2, in War of the Ring

I'm getting a little fed up with writing to milsims and FFG so I have started posting on BGG and where ever else I can.

I don't know about a reprint, but I ordered a copy at the end of 2009 from Milsims in Australia and have never received it. So, before they reprint, perhaps they should honour the orders already placed, especially those of us who ordered before it was released.
My problem is that after repeated emails asking where my game was, it was sold out while I was waiting for the place I ordered it from to get it for me.

So, my point is, before they reprint, they should deliver to those who pre-ordered it.

Honestly, they should just make another batch and this time make like 4000 of them. Leaving plenty in existence. I had a chance to buy one but didn't as at the time I had no idea if this board game was fun and getting it and then learning I didn't like it, but I think it would be fun and if I had the chance I would buy a copy. There needs to be more 'how to play War of the Ring' youtube videos or 'lets play war of the ring' so people like me can see it played to decide if they like it. I saw a great on Age of Conan and liked it so much I bought a copy of that game.