MH updates

By msmithamp, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Any idea if they are going to update the iPhone app with the MH expansion?

Wishful thinking maybe this soon but I hope they continue to support this app. My table is much cleaner now given that I have the iPhone app.


It's the main reason why I haven't even tried the revised Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion yet. I'm waiting for them to add an update for this expansion, and I'm quite honestly too lazy to even think about busting out ALL of the location cards again.

I really would like to know if they're going to update it soon or if they're just going to just keep it as is. A friend of mine and I already created a program to help run our Mythos deck, and I was hoping to just use the toolkit for location cards.

Heck, if they need someone to just sit there and type in all of the cards for their program, send them my way. I'll do it.