Two Print on Demand suggestions

By edderkoppen, in The Crystal Ball and The Wishing Well

1) Since my group seems to see a lot of TI3 8 player games, it would be very neat if it was possible to get a PoD sheet of 1 Ground Force and 1 Fighter tokens. With both the expansions, I think we are well supplied with the 3x tokens, but we are still lacking the 1x tokens from time to time. Would be nice if you could just order a couple of sheets of each.

2) For AGoT, I was thinking about printing the Harbor Tokens on stickers and stick 'em to the board for fixing their positions. Maybe a PoD with high quality Harbor Token stickers?

Dunno if this is the sort of things you are looking to achieve with the Print on Demand. Seeing the new expansion for Mansion of Madness, I think it's not. However, I think there would be a great opportunity here to help players merge expansions even better into the original games and/or a chance to provide certain games with additional supplies.