Insane and Printed

By Tokhuah, in CoC Rules Discussion

THere is no actual rule, but Damon has said that printed refers to what is printed on the face of the card. An insane character has nothing printed on its face. If you are not told to look at the other side with the info I guess you go by the printed info that is available. On an insane card there is nothing. Would have been nice to have it in the FAQ but Damon is probably running the GenCon tournaments so I doubt that it will be inconsistent with previous statements.

Using that line of reason it also has no name or anything else for that matter. It should be all or nothing. Of course this would require a rider rule that would prohibit the restoring of a Unique Character if you already control one (likewise for villainous/Heroic).

This sort of rule makes no sense. I have played many card games and printed is always printed regardless of the state. Having wanky rules like this makes the game confusing. Seriously, who would think this ruling would make sense on an intuitive level?

It doesn't have a printed name, very true, but the rules that govern what its "virtual" stats are rider rules on how to treat the card. In regards to uniqueness and name and stuff you'd have to ask Damon, but I suspect he isn't changing anything because of this. If I were to give a ruling I'd say that the name of the card is still its name, that the rules of uniqueness are game rules not card effects, that the game recognizes the character already being in play even insane (since the rules covering insanity do not say anything about it losing its name).

It is a little weird, but honestly it sounds more like you are nitpicking rather than having an understanding how he ruled on it.

And I think it makes perfect sense.What is printed on the card that is face up? That is the only part of the card that is relevant in this game. If something asks you to examine the other side then that is what you do, if it doesn't then there is no facility in the rules to do so. I'm not sure how that is not intuitive.