Doom with a different theme.

By Hellfury, in The Crystal Ball and The Wishing Well

Dear FFG,

I have just recently partaken in the joys of Doom: The Boardgame for the first time today.

I understand that the ID license is likely too expensive to sustain or reclaim, but this boardgame should be rethemed into something more generic since this game is so good. Much better IMO than Descent since it takes far less time to play and is a bit less fiddly in the rules department.

Seriously guys, why you have let this sit so idle for so long without a re-theme is beyond me. Great mechanics that coud have a newer theme pasted on top of it. You guys are seriously lacking in good science fiction titles and this needs to come back to the wonders of in-production status.

Ugh, nope, sorry, it's not Doom, it's a re-theming of DUNE! XDD

I'm an idiot...

I'd like to see FFG use the Doom/Descent game engine to create a Warhammer 40K game in the vein of Space Crusade and Dawn Of War 2.