The FAQ for Call of Cthulhu Has Been Updated

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The FAQ and Tournament rules for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game have been updated! Head to our support page now, or read on for details from Call of Cthulhu ’s lead developer, Damon Stone.

coc-faq-Ver-1.png Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game FAQ (pdf, 16.7 MB)
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game FAQ, print friendly (pdf, 436 KB)
Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game Tournament Rules (pdf, 4.3 MB)

Hello Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game players!

Regionals season has come and gone, and we now find ourselves quickly approaching the Gen Con World Championships. To set the stage for those tournaments, we have prepared FAQ 1.5 and updated the official Tourney Rules document.

The specific entries on this FAQ can be divided into two categories, the first of which is to clarify rules issues, and the second is to address metagame balance as it played out during the regional season.

Among the rules clarifications, we have addressed questions about redistributing success tokens and the order by which effects take precedence.

Regarding the metagame, we looked into the results of a competitive regional season and discovered a few tendencies that we wanted to address.

The biggest change here is the additions of Things in the Ground, Diseased Sewer Rats, and Doppelgänger to the Restricted List.

4_SpecialAgentClarkstone-TonyFoti.png A couple items of errata were also introduced for metagame and rules clarification reasons, the biggest being the change on Descendant of Eibon to unique. While this does not impact the functionality of the card at all it does limit the number you can have in play, making it a little more difficult to gain multiple recycling characters with such great stats.

Tournament rules changes

Finally, we have updated the Tourney Rules document. After numerous requests from competitive players and Tournament Organizers, we have changed rounds of Swiss in Call of Cthulhu to the “one game per round.” This will allow Rush, Control, and Disruption decks to stand shoulder to shoulder in regards to time limits. We have not changed the maximum time limit for Swiss, nor have we done away with the mulligan rule so players will still have ample opportunity to for their decks to click without having to worry that a second, let alone a third game, having to be played in order to gain the win.

We’ve also included the legal card pool for the Gen Con World Championships this August. Note that upcoming July releases are not a part of the legal card pool for the Gen Con Championships. This decision was made to ensure that all players participating in this tournament have ample time to acquire all legal cards, and to assimilate them into their GenCon preparation. This will ensure a level and fair playing field at the World Championships.

Looking forward to seeing you all next month at Gen Con!

Damon Stone

Fantasy Flight Games