The Hunt Begins

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Across the mouth of the pass, from cliff to cliff, the Dark Lord had built a rampart of stone. In it there was a single gate of iron, and upon its battlement sentinels paced unceasingly. Beneath the hills on either side of the rock was bored into a hundred caves and maggot-holes; there a host of orcs lurked, ready at a signal to issue forth like black ants going to war. None could pass the Teeth of Mordor and not feel their bite…
–The Two Towers

With great excitement and relief, Fantasy Flight Games announces that The Hunt for Gollum is shipping from our warehouse this week. Customers should expect to find this first Adventure Pack for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game at their local retailers on July 22nd! bilbo.png

Getting The Hunt for Gollum past the Teeth of Mordor and into our warehouse proved an epic quest, worthy of any hobbit! We began as cheerful and bright-eyed as the happiest of Shire-folk, eager to deliver the first Adventure Pack and its new cards, but our journey wouldn’t prove easy. Along the way, we suffered our first setback with problems at the printer. Once the cards left the printer, the Dark Lord turned his watchful eye toward us. As he sought our shipment, we were delayed not by one, but two random custom checks! Chances are greater we’d meet Master Underhill heading down the Ephel Dúath than we would ever again face two random custom checks on the same shipment. As agents carefully inspected the cards, we could do little but eat our lembas, keep our heads low in our elvish robes, and wait. At length, everything was found in proper order. Now, we have The Hunt for Gollum in our warehouse and have started shipping it to our distributors!

The wood was full with the rumour of him

Together we sought for Gollum down the whole length of Wilderland.
–The Fellowship of the Ring

The Hunt for Gollum sets heroes on their way into the Shadows of Mirkwood , the first series of Adventure Packs. Gandalf requests the assistance of heroes to search for the elusive creature known as Gollum. The search begins in the Anduin Valley between Mirkwood Forest and the Misty Mountains. The Hunt for Gollum relates the first of six chapters in a sweeping narrative arc. the-hunt-begins.png

To complete the Adventure Pack’s new Quest, heroes must find clues to put them on Gollum’s trail. It is not an easy task, though, as the search leads your heroes to dangerous new locations where they will engage powerful enemies. Your heroes also run the risk of finding false clues, and if they follow bad leads, they may tire as the threat grows and lose Gollum’s trail entirely.

Soon, you will have the chance to begin The Hunt for Gollum ! Look for us to announce that the Adventure Pack is on sale on July 22nd.