Heavy Allied Walkers ?

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So ive been serching over the interweb and wiki and such forth. In a vain atemp to get some idea as to what the next logical step in allied walkers would be. And again.. to no real avale.

Any thoughts from those more knowledgable here?

thanks for the time and help.

Indeed, not a whiff of a heavy allied walker. We've seen beefier axis walkers like the Jagdluther or the Konigsluther, but I don't remember ever seeing an allied version.

I can't see any heavies comming from the Alled camp as they didn't really produce them, if we will get them then it will probably come from the Russians.

I see no reason why the Allies wouldnt have any heavy vehicles, especially since aerial supremacy is nowhere near what it was in real life. The Allies didnt have that many heavy tanks in production by the end of the war in 45 but there were plenty of programs in various stages of completion by wars end. Since Dust is set in 1947 why wouldnt they have heavies? Limited numbers of Allied heavies even saw combat during the war. The only US heavy to see combat prior to the end of the war in Europe was the M26 Pershing. It was more than capable of handling german tanks on a more even footing. Plans were also under way to put a heavy tank destroyer, the T28 into production but the program was scrapped around 47 in favor of a few other turretted designs-which eventually developed into the Patton series. The british also had some heavy tanks in various stages of R&D including the Black Prince which was scrapped in favor of the Centurion (arrived in theater in May 45 as hostilities ended).


maybe for my conversions..ill use 48 scale pattons with pounder barrels and some more sloped leg armor...

wow.. just got done googling the T28...what a beast...i think i wana build one..

4 legs..maybe 6 , 2 bases long..

gun? guns ? 1 gaint turret or multipul smalls?

imput please?

Well if you want to keep to the asthetics Id go with a larger turret probably mounting the 90mm of the pershing. If I remember right there are 2 1/48 Pershings on the market (an old Aurora kit and a new Tamiya one). There are also a couple of Pattons but I dont think that any are the older models and all will look too modern for a WWII (ish) setting. Either way you would need a larger hull to accomadate the turret. Id also try and round it off some or slope it as later tanks tryed to avoid hard angles. For movement Id either go with two large legs similar to the Big Joe and some of the other mechs in the modelling book or a hybrid system like the Stug zu Fuss from the sourcebook.

If you do something similar to the T28 Id keep the tank destroyer chasis with the limited traverse mantlet and go for multiple legs.

Although I think heavy walkers would be cool, they really do not make much real sense for either side. If you look at the fate of the Jagdtiger and other such heavy monstrosities, which tended to break down or just get splattered by air units, heavies proved to be a real waste of material.

Konigsluther?? Where has that popped up? I would love to see that.

I also wonder if walkers play such a central roll in frontline warfare. Sure you have people like Panzerprinz and Sigrid who have been on the Eastern Front, but are they holding the line or are they a strike force? If we had the stats for the extrapolated allied or axis tanks, we could see how walkers fair against them. Even in early 1940, the germans had incredible efficiency in fire control. I would say this would give a Panther 2 shots against a Allied Walker, and probably destroy it.

If you follow the storyline, the Axis are cranking out zombies to give them manpower hordes. If they are so low on manpower, perhaps walkers are the way to go, since they have a driver and autoloaders. So one walker can operate as a tank with 3 or 4 less crew. This would be the logical reason. Otherwise you could have Panther 4 and Tiger 3, suped up versions of their early war counterparts, with ceramic armor, dual 120mm cannons, autoladers, rockets, you name it.

A heavy walker would have what features? I am assuming 4 legs, or even 6. Dual or even triple mounted heavy caliber guns. Obviously heavier armor, or would their be room for power fields?

I would like to see a 6 legged walking troop carrier, like a SDKFZ with 6 legs and MG48's, able to carry 2 squads into battle.

In real life alot of the heavies didnt work as well as intended but they still had the place. As far as Air units go so far there is nothing in the fluff to suggest that any side has total air dominance (otherwise Im sure the map would look significantly different). In the fluff it states that the Walkers are the kings of the battlefield (silly I know but hry they look cool and its a game). There are already models for the heavies in the 1/35 range as well as some in the fluff.



The Big Joe - look familar?



Stug zu Fuss- Technically not a heavy but shows the hybrid alternate movement mode for Sgt G


As it stands they already exsist in the Dust universe but just havent made it to Dust Tactics yet.

The KonigLuther is pretty cool.

How does the Stug Zu fuss work?

Hey Doom, thanks for sharing the pic of the Konigsluther! It looks very very cool! corazon.gif Any place selling this?

Sgt. G said:

wow.. just got done googling the T28...what a beast...i think i wana build one..

4 legs..maybe 6 , 2 bases long..

gun? guns ? 1 gaint turret or multipul smalls?

imput please?

Hey Sarge, whatever your decisions, once you built it, promise you'll post your pics here, ok? Better still, start a T28 build thread and post pics of your progress, so the whole community can join you in your adventure happy.gif

I can only think of 1 word . . . Oh Bloody Hell Yeah that is so gonna rock!!! Just use the phonetic spelling it counts as 1 word. gran_risa.gif

those would be sweet, and look similar to the existing ally walkers

So far every model released for each of the factions has a roughly corresponding model on the other side. That doesn't mean they will follow this policy 100% in the future, but based on the release history I don't think Allied Heavy Walkers are unlikely. Also the Mickey 'family' are classed as 'Medium walkers', and they are probably 'Medium' compared to something.... gui%C3%B1o.gif


Indeed. You can't have Medium without both Light and Heavy.