Question concerning Creature Vault, GM Vault etc.

By Metatron, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Okay, I studied a lot of threads these past days, because I am a proud owner of a WFRP Core set. With the help of this forum nearly all my questions are answered. But not all of them :-)

I know that I can use the Creature Compendium, Player Handbook etc. without the Vaults. The Question now is, can I play with the Vaults without the Handbooks? I am interestet in the Creature Vault, do I have to buy the Handbook as well?

Thanks in advance

Hi there. Its not possible. You can play with CG, without CV. Not vice versa


Thanks for the answer, then I think I am going for the PDF on RPG Drivethrough.

Forgot something....

how does it work, that in the Vault the Creatures from Signs of Faith are included, and they are missing in the Compendium? I thought I read something about that in another Thread.

I'm not sure why you need the CG. I think the only information from the CG that is not included on the cards of the CV are some of the special abilities. But apart from that, if you have all the fluff from previous WFRP editions or online resources, I don't think you need the CG.

The creatures from Signs of Faith aren't in the CG because they are in SoF :) . So they didn't reprint the fluff, but they included the cards for those creatures in CV because SoF didn't have Creature Cards and Creature Action Cards.

skolo said:

Hi there. Its not possible. You can play with CG, without CV. Not vice versa


i disagree. i use the creature cards, while the creature guide gathers dust under my bed.

New Zombie said:

i disagree. i use the creature cards, while the creature guide gathers dust under my bed.

I have the same experience (though not under your bed).

Most of what I read in the guide, I can find online. The cards, on the other hand, are one of the most useful purchases I've made for the game.

Doc, the Weasel said:

I have the same experience (though not under your bed).
on top

yes guys, if you both play with tokens, monster cards etc. - not lite version.
but you are right, you can play without CG ( I couldnt do it)

Wow, that is a lot of diffrent opinons and styles. I ordered the Vault for now, and I am going to tell you guys if it worked for me.

Thanks for the help

I recently bought the CV. I've yet been able to convince myself to invest in the CG. Take a look at the preview for the PDF. THat's about all the extra rules you need that aren't on the cards you get in the CV.

I'm also in the camp of having the Creature Vault but not the guide. I was tempted to get the guide for the fluff, because I like fluff. But mechanically it's not needed. It's pretty self explanitary how all the cards work and what the symbols mean and if you need a little extra information, it's readily available on this forum.

Bottom line I think is that if you like your WFRP 3 component heavy then the Vault is more important then the guide.

Some issues with the vault that I feel should have been addressed:

* You have the basic "talents" of the creatures listed twice in the guide, but there is no listing for standard monster Action 'card' abilities. You either have to search through the incomplete "trait" listings at the top, or guess (aka do all the work yourself)

* The Vampire's beguile ability is not detailed in the guide (I'm not sure which other ones were missed, but this one has me a 1 page annoyed).

* The fluff is good (and there are adventure seeds for each creature), but I'm beguiled as to why it is broken up into three sections with the same 'talent' information. It's as if three different' people were working on it and at the last minute (at midnight before production) they just slapped together a PDF and sent it off to the printers.

* What I'm hearing from just about everyone is skip the guide and go for the vault (whoops on my part). If you own the 2e Old World Bestiary, there's no point in reproducing the fluff to 3e, but in an inferior format.

I give the artwork grade a B (but they don't cover every monster with a picture..which is kind of annoying considering they have access to tons of least according to the initial reports when the game was originally released). I give the organization a D. I give the book utility a D+ overall (because of the lack of action standards and lack of least for the vampire..not sure of the others). This makes me sad because the utility of the Players Guide has been A+!


New Zombie said:

no chance of you gathering dust on top of my bed, doc.

Good to see there's someone out there who plays with all the components. gran_risa.gif

Without getting into the discussion regarding the merits of the Creature Vault and Creature Guide or wether this should have been included in the product, I would like to point you to a handy, fan made, resource:

Go to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition Resources

and then download the file "STANDARD CREATURE ACTION CARDS".

Enjoy the game!

Thanks for the advice! Lots of great material on the site.