First Deck (Fire and Blood) queen of dragons

By TCO_Sucked, in 4. AGoT Deck Construction

I just started playing this game on thursday, so I need some help. I built my starter deck (Fire and Blood). After a coupple of plays, I changed the deck a few times. I know I am not building decks right, sorpresa.gif so could really use some advice. I have the core set cards(targaryen), and Queen of dragon cards to work with right now. If there are any cards i need to get, (wich I am sure are plenty,) please LMK, Thanks happy.gif

1x House Targaryen

1x Heir to the throne


Threat from the east

Mad Kings Legacy

Summ Season

Valar Morghulis

Spending the winter stores

Counting Favors

Storm of Swords


3x Daenerys Targargyen (dragons dont kneel)

x3 Rhaegal (qod)

3x Viserion (qod)

3x Drogon (qod)

2x Khal Drago (Core)

2x Jhogo

3x Capt. Groleo

2x Thundering Calvary

2x Killer of the wounded

2x Grey Worm

2x Horseback archer

3x Destitute Horde

Attachments & Events

2x Unburnt

2x Blood of the dragon (want another)

2x Poisoned Wine

2x Aegons Blade

3x Maegi's promise

2x Dance with the dragons


3x East Firedoms

2x Crossraods

3x Great Pyramid

2x temple of graces

2x astapor

2x Meereen

3x summer sea

1. Never leave home without 3 Dragon Fears in your deck. This card is HUGE and one of your best weapons in a Dragon deck.

2. Kingsroad Fiefdoms. 3 of them. You need the +2 to Influence to play your dragons (the Summer Seas and the Eastern Fiefdoms provide the minimum of Influence and the Dragons are expensive), but most of all, you NEED the +2 to Initiative to boost your chances of playing first, thus taking full advantage of Daenerys's sexy ability. Astapor stands only one dragon.

These two things are the first that came to mind, just by looking at your deck. There are some other things as well, but the above cards are of paramount importance.

I 've also noticed that you use Storm of Swords (a great plot in such a deck), but it is neither from the Core nor from QoD. Have you got access to other expansions as well? You said that you use only the above two.

Welcome, hope you're enjoying it so far! You'll want to pick up another copy of the core set asap. I agree with Serazu that you want the Kingsroad Fiefdoms; they pay for themselves the same turn they are played if you can ambush something with them; take out the Crossroads to fit them in. I'd also take out Capt Groleo altogether, or at least cut him down to 1x and cut 1x each of Grey Worm and Jhogo.
I would suggest you start by picking up Ancient Enemies ; it will give you Dragon Thieves and a Fury plot, and you might want to use Dragon Bite as well.