Getting back into mini gaming...painting attempts

By Icey101, in Dust Tactics

After a several year break from GW games, I started playing dust. My main army will be Axis...hence why I am starting with the Allies. I need to figure out how to paint again. This is my first attempt of using Minwax, so far I am happy. I am not looking at winning any contests, just painting models that look at a couple feet away. The right now I am trying to figure out how I wish to base the models, between color, weeds and such.

I really have not done any military miniature gaming or modeling, I am aiming more towards this...vs 40k style modeling I have done before.



Not sure how to get the photos to show up here.

I think the paint job is nice. They are very shiny though. Is that from the minwax? I prefer to flat gloss everything.

Oh sorry I failed to mention...I am waiting for transfers, for ranks, US flags, and units...then they will be sprayed with a matte finish.

They look good

To get an image to show in your post you just click the add image button at the top of the box you type in, 4th from the right in the little toolbar. Then you get a popup window and you put your URL in there. It seems to cut off your images if they're too big. I think the max width is around 600 or so pixels. The ones I added were bigger than that and got cut off on the right hand side.

Here are your pictures:



They look nice, just hit them with some Dullcote to get rid of the shine (or it might just be the flash). Good work though!

The bases have been redone. Just waiting for the transfers in the mail. Once they are in highlight the armor a bit then I will spray the dullcoat. I am happy with how they turned out with the technique I am using.

All done, except waiting for decals still (should be here this week).

IMG_0231.jpg IMG_0230.jpg

IMG_0224.jpg IMG_0227.jpg


B Company Decals of 5th Rangers. I was hoping that the rear helmet decal would allow me to easily tell the units apart...except half the guys are looking up. I think I will paint one or two of the "rivets" on the bases different colors to allow for quick reference for the units.