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I dont know if FFG will post the pics so lets put em all up ourselves in one place. I know a couple of you have already posted but maybe if we post em all in the same spot itll make it easier for eveyone to see. Here's my Kv-47. And part of my hand and kitchen as usual......




So lets see em!

Nice KV-47. Very authentic Russian looking happy.gif







All are looking great. I was going to try to enter but I didn't get my first model done until the day after the deadline. Oh well :) Looking at how awesome the winners looked I wouldn't have come close anyway :)

Metallgehäuse (some more pics to come on Grand Inquisitor Fulminarex's topic).


Rice, that's one sweet looking Mickey! happy.gif

Really love how this contestants' gallery is progressing. Hopefully, more will post here. If only FFG can just post all the entries here, it will sure save us alot of trouble......

Here is my entry. Would have loved to do a squad but I think the Mayan Doomsday will get here before I managed to finish them gran_risa.gif




There are some great looking entries in here. I think we should see about getting FFG to make this thread a sticky.

Lovely! A well deserved win! And yes, it would be great to get it stickied might have that squad finnished before that happens...

okay, more entries! robot3.jpg robot_back.jpg troop1.jpg

Nice work, all! Outstanding stuff. cool.gif

Hey Poo you wouldnt happen to have any more pics of that gaming mat or board you have there would you?

Yes, Poo's backdrop is beautiful!

Yes indeed my battlemat is quite cool!

Its one of those zuzzy mats made of thick latex, i believe its the "wounded city " mat. supposed to look like asphalt with crackly patches scattered about and abit of exposed brick road here and there. it was a ***** to paint it tho, that asphalt texture just sucks in alot of paint!

Its a very cool mat for modern or scifi. I'm going to use it for dust even though I'm not really sure if there even was asphalt in the 40's

I would get a better pic of it but its rolled up in the shed and i'm very lazy. Stays there mostly cause my wife doesnt like the way it smells:(

Did anyone else submit a squad or was it just me?

Hey [sO]Rice, I did submit a squad, a Axis Recon Grenadier squad:

(I hope the pictures are visible, I had to shrink them to fit. The Originals are 1024x6xx at Deviantart)



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Im diggin the rusty bases. might have to steal the idea for my zombie/laser/ape army.