Basic question on movement.

By Ken on Cape, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Do you have to move each turn if able? Last night I played a game and I lost all my stamina, so I went to the hospital and I did not have enough money to fully heal. I wanted to stay there for a couple of turns and heal up. But The rulse don't say that you can stay in your space.

You may spend as many of your movement points as you like. Which means, you never have to move. Sometimes you could just stay still and read a Tome, or sometimes a nasty monster will be blocking your way and it won't be a good idea to try to get around it.

I was wondering the same thing. I was playing with the Curse of the Pharaoh and its herald and was cursed early in the game. I didn't have enough money to heal up and since I was losing one stamina every upkeep due to the herald's ability I was stuck at the hospital forever until I could roll a "1" to get rid of the curse.

You never roll a "1" when you need one!