DOOM!!! And fun

By lazerjones, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

I am making a Dooming list for 3e and I was hoping you had any good, funny or evil doomings? For you new to whfrp - Dooming is an important event in a young imperial humans life. On her/his 10th birthday a witch or mystic predicts the death of our hero. Examples are:You will drown but not in water!

I have with out shame stolen some from the old 2e fansites but i am still missing alot.

I hope you can help. Oh an english is not my first language so please be kind.

Ps. The mechanics are simple. Roll one expertise die, one challenge die and either one charateristic die, conservative or reckless die depending on your starting careers stance.

Ranald shall abandon you.

A fall from a wagon will lead to your end.

Hungry darkness will descend from above.

You shall suffer a friend's consequences.

Anger, blood, and a murderer who evades justice.

Beware that which hath two antlers yet only one eye.

Fire will be the last sight you see, screams will be the last sound you hear.

Ask again later.


Thise are awesome! Keep em coming!

Beware the eleventh

A cock, a crow, and a hound together sing your death

The prettiest brook and a madman's hook

A good life ended by a noble wife

The iron may break, yet still your life it shall take

At the scent of soured meat, the Old Man you will greet

Maybe some Doom-Stuff in some correct German (including translations)? Thus far the stuff is pretty cool :-)

Beware the itch you can scratch

Four by four your life is no more

A backward glance is your last chance

Be ware the blade unseen

A calm water mirrors your final breath

Never question thee dwarf

Weary be of feathers in three

Gravity is a harsh mistress (Because you can never go wrong with a Tick quote)

You are all going into my book of anti-grudges! But there are still room if anyone needs to tell a doom or two!