By player338225, in Tannhauser

"After concluding an attack with the Magnifier, if there are any characters (whether friend or foe, but not including Voïvodes) within 3 circles of your target,
you must make an additional attack against all of those characters with the Magnifier at no further action cost."

It seems that Zor'ka may hurt herself with the additional attacks. Is that the correct interpretation ?

"Friend or foe" does not normaly include "yourself", but this could be a matter of opinion.

I just checked the old French FAQ. The answer is as yours.

so, zorka hurts himself?, can someone show some official prove of this? tx in advance :D


There are other abilities & equipment which damage or diminish the user after/while being used. Those rules are CLEARLY stated in said item or ability. If this hasn't been done in this case, I conclude that it's not true. Zor'ka oughta not hurt herself!


Neovortice said:

so, zorka hurts himself?,

So no. Miah said no and the old FAQ agrees.

Zork'a doesn't hurt hersef usign magnifier

It's true, Zor'ka is immune to Magnifier attacks. I asked Fantasy Flight Games some time ago and clearly stated I was using the Revised Rules. The official answer was that Zor'ka is immune.