Online Resources For Players For Warhammer Fantasy RPG background Lore

By theboss2, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Are there any good RPG resources for Warhammer Fantasy in particular for lore, history etc..

Im hesitant to loan out my books to the 4 players I have and even if I did, loaning it to each of them one at a time is going to take forever to get them all up to the speed on the game world.

Im really mostly interested in good overviews of lore, history and just general knowledge about the world that a typical person in the old world would have so that they have a foundation of the game world.

Simple wikipedia entries are very complete for each of the races. Sigmar's heirs is very good for players if you get a .pdf copy. There's tons of info out there with simple google searches.

also consider the WFRP index on castle goblinstien.