Results of the 3 Meta Tournament in Munich

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Only some moments have passed after the final of the 3-Meta-Tournament in Munich.

I can't believe it. It is my first tournament win in the Game of Thrones EVER.
1st Ulrich (mischraum . de) / MUNICH
Greyjoy Kings of Winter
Fury of the Kraken
2nd Josef / SALZBURG
Stark Siege of Winterfell
Fury of the Wolf
3rd Helmut (Ratatoskr) / MUNICH
Baratheon Knights of the Realm
The Laughing Storm
4th Gunther / SALZBURG
Martell Knights of Hollow Hill
Venomous Blade
5th Gleb / NÜRNBERG
Pyromancer's Cache
6th Markus / SALZBURG
Baratheon Knights of the Realm
The Laughing Storm
7th Daniel / MUNICH
Lannister Knights of the Realm
Castellan of the Rock
8th Kilian / NÜRNBERG
Pyromancer's Cache
9th Wolfgang (Thorondor) / SALZBURG
Greyjoy Kings of Winter
Fury of the Kraken
10th Matthieu / MUNICH
Targaryen Heir to the Throne
Pyromancer's Cache
The tournament was held in Munich so maybe we had some kind of home advantage but usually the guys from Salzburg crush us guys on a regular base. This time we placed 1st and 3rd and I am especially proud of Helmut. It was his second tournament and he has been playing only for some months.
I am thankfull for everybody who has taken the trip to Munich thus making this an enjoyable day with a good number of attendes.
For the record the latest legal chapter pack was Forging the Chain. We still don't have any newer chapter packs in Germany right now.
No summer agenda was used. Only one guy playing Martell. A third of the field was playing Knights of the Realm making it a dangerous agenda. There was one situation with two first turn Taking them by surprise and the loser of the die roll had the Knights of the Realm agenda and lesser knights therefore starting his first round with ONE card :)
Three times the restricted card was the fury plot and I think it is a good balancing that you don't get them if you play one of the other restricted cards. 3 Pyromancer's Cache with two of them out of house. Two Laughing Storms and Bara was competitive enough to claim 3rd place. Every house was featured in the tournament and four different houses made the top four. At least in this tournament there wasn't any dominating house, card or whatever and 9 of the guys playing have been playing the game for years.

Grats Ulrich for taking the win, and grats to Helmut for a strong showing. Hope we get more detailed reports soon :)

Could be my Gen Con deck. So... no more details. It wasn't a Regional. I hosted the tournament to prepare for Gen Con.

Perhaps some redacted reports by other players, though? ;)

Very cool to see multiple metas meeting up, even in a smaller setting. I was commenting to Clu the other night that it would be nice if we had another meta <3 hours away to play some games with so our thinking wasn't so incestuous. Congrats to you Ulrich, and to Helmut... I knew he hadn't been playing long.

If you had a German nationals where would it be held?

If you are looking for a high turnout Munich would be a good place as you have two other metas nearby. My problem with Munich is that it would be almost the same crowd there as in the Austrian National in Salzburg.

I would prefer a different location where I would meet more of the players of the Northern half of Germany. said:

If you are looking for a high turnout Munich would be a good place as you have two other metas nearby. My problem with Munich is that it would be almost the same crowd there as in the Austrian National in Salzburg.
I would prefer a different location where I would meet more of the players of the Northern half of Germany.

Almost the same crowd, but not the same crowd. Like i wrote before, i´ll be at the Austrian nationals. For some reason it´s easier to get a good prize for a flight from Dortmund or Cologne to Salzburg than to Munich. And driving is always a little bit too much distance for only one day.

Maester_LUke said:

If you had a German nationals where would it be held?

I think the perfect place would be Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Mainz. Because it´s in the middle of Germnay and could be reached by every player within an acceptable distance. But there´s no playing meta as far as i know.

Old Ben said:

For some reason it´s easier to get a good prize for a flight from Dortmund or Cologne to Salzburg than to Munich.

That's because Munich is better than Salzburg! gui%C3%B1o.gif

Congrats and thanks for posting!

Boy, what a blast we had. I thought I’d write up a short tourney report (split up into three parts for readability). Here we go:

I went into this tournament with quite low expectations. Both the Nuremberg and the Salzburg players have been in the game considerably longer than we Munich guys, and especially than my poor self (I bought the Core Set last September and have no previous CCG experience whatsoever), and especially the Austrians have always mopped the floor with our sorry asses in the past (~Skiing, Thrones and pastry are pretty much the only thing Austrians are better at than us). Well, not this time.

As happy as my third place and all the congratulations here make me, I still think my placement was a bit of a fluke. I only made the cut due to strength of schedule, and had a 3-3 record overall. Personally, I’m more than happy with that, but objectively, it’s not all that great.

I decided to take my Bara deck to the tourney. It’s a rush deck that has some control elements built in, especially in the plot deck. It is well capable of winning on turn 2, but it has also shown some resilience and grinded out late wins in the past. Cornerstone of the deck is the TLS-Threat from the East combo. I try to get TLS on the flop, and will often take a Mulligan if I don’t have him in my starting hand. Then I flip TftE first plot and start out with a huge card advantage. I think I went something like 5-1 when I could flop TLS and 0-3 when I couldn’t (casual games included). That gives you an idea of how important he is to the deck.

I used to play this deck with the Kings of Summer agenda, but switched to Knights of the Realm shortly before the tourney. It’s still not an out-and-out Knights deck, though. The agenda is kinda tacked on for supplemental draw, so I knew I’d be screwed if I faced another KotR-deck.

I made the mistake not to take notes during the tourney. I remember frightfully little of my games. Also, all my games were over so fast that I played casually in between tournament matches, which doesn’t help the memory thing. I have mental images, of Ser Eldon with Banner for the Storm, or of KL KoF with Devious Intentions and four power on him (that was cool!), but I can’t for the life of me remember what games these situations occurred in. My apologies for not delivering more concise information.

I’ll try my best though.

Game 1 vs. Kilian Lannister no Agenda

Kilian has also been my first opponent in my very first Thrones tournament in January in Salzburg, where he gave me a sound beating. Payback time ;-). He flopped two Golden Tooth Mines, but I negated his card advantage with Threat from the East (or was it Counting Favors? I really can’t remember). He killed three (!) of my locations with Condemned by the Council on turn one. The rest is all gone, sorry. I only remember that I still won on turn 2. We decided to do a rematch right there, which I also won.

1 – 0

Game 2 vs. Wolfgang (Thorondor) Greyjoy Kings of Winter

Had a 2 card flop (which is bad, even for my deck), but I took it because it included TLS, who cancelled out Wolfgang’s Alannys and annoyed him enough to Valar on turn 2. That allowed me to bring out the rush in force and steamroll him. Again, we got in a rematch which was a lot closer, but which I also won, because Wolfgang couldn’t remember for even one minute that the buff from Smuggler’s Cove lasts for the entire phase. ;-)

2 – 0

So I started off with four wins (casual games included) against experienced players of many years, one of which easily made the cut at Stahleck last year, while the other one invented the whole thing (the Stahleck tourney, that is) and is a former Austrian champion. Things were looking up, and I was a happy camper. Well, not for long.

Game 3 against Ulrich (mischraum . de) Greyjoy Kings of Winter

Not much to say here. No TLS on the flop. Got behind early. Stayed there. Game over in turn 3.

2 – 1

Game 4 against Gunther Martell KotHH

Another rematch from the Salzburg tourney, again vs. Martell. Everything went according to plan at first: Got TLS in my starting hand. The drawing and discarding from TftE kinda backfired for me, as it gave him both Lady Stoneheart and Beric. I was kinda surprised to see Brotherhood elements in there, but not overly worried yet. Built up enough of a threat for him to Valar on turn 2 (or was it 3?), which actually is part of my game plan. Then I decided to pick up the idiot ball. First, I inexplicably flipped An Empty Throne when I knew he’d have to Valar. Then I thought it was a good idea to declare a MIL challenge with the KoF as my only character on the table. Against Martell KotHH. With a standing House card. *shakes head*. Of course he had Red Vengeance. Game over. I remember a Vendor of Venoms with lots of power, who kept his house card clean, but it didn’t matter anymore.

2 – 2

That concluded Swiss. There were three of us with 2 – 2 records, but both Ulrich and Gunther had finished 3 -1, so I made the cut on opponent’s strength.

Semifinals against Josef Stark SoW

Josef had gone 4 – 0 in Swiss with a classic Direwolf build. I didn’t flop TLS, he flopped the Blackfish. I played Counting Favors to maybe draw into TLS and muck up Josef’s card advantage. Josef flipped Respect for the Old Gods. I did indeed draw into TLS on account of Counting Favors. I had KotStorm Renly, Sallador, TLS and Edric plus duplicate in play. He had LoW Robb with Grey Wind, the Blackfish and some weenies. Grey Wind ate Sallador. Then it happened: At Night they Howl - Grey Wind stands and discards Edric's dupe. Then a second At Night the Howl - Grey Wind stands again and kills Edric for good. That leaves me with Renly and TLS who both die to Military claim. Pwned. That I only drew one card for the short remainder of the game because he had the Blackfish and I had zilch knights added insult to injury, but didn't matter anymore.

After that I lost a fast casual game against the other Bara KotR deck in the field, completing my first ever 4-game losing streak in my whole Thrones career.
Then onto the last tournament game of the day:

Third-place play off against Gunther Martell KotHH

Gunther and his Martell Brotherhood Hollow Hill hybrid deck again. This time everything went smoothly. Gunther got lured into flipping Valar on turn 2 (or 3?), which was exactly what I wanted. I got rid of two Shadow cards with King's Law, at least one of which was a VB he couldn't bring out because he had no characters on account of his own Valar. I unleashed the cavalry on him and he got crushed.

That was that. Place 3 and a set of nifty House Stark power tokens for me. Overall I was pretty happy with my deck; I think it pretty much did what could be expected. I'm seriously contemplating switching back to Kings of Summer, though. As it is now, I'm dead meat against other Knight decks, and even occasional Knights in normal decks can screw me up if I'm very unlucky.

Thanks to Ulrich for setting up the event, and thanks to all the others for coming and making this the best day ever (well, Thrones-wise, at least).

Great report... a fun read! Thanks for sharing and congrats to all the winners!