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By sniperscope, in Battles of Westeros

Hello Everyone:

Last week I had purchased this great game for my grandson. We spent the next two days reading the rules, gluing our pieces and setting up the board. During that time I even ordered the premium banner pack that should be arriving this week. I was going to go on and buy the rest of the add ons at a later date.

As it turns out my grandson is not into the game as I had hoped preferring his Xbox 360 over table top gaming. With no one to play against I am putting up the game along with the premium banner pack for sale.

The game will ship complete, some of the units have been glued on to save time during setup. Everything will be packaged to please the new owner.

Free shipping ground UPS to anywhere in the USA. Payment via PayPal.

Best offer wins it. I will ship complete when the Premium banner pack comes in this week. It was mailed out to me on Saturday.

If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected] with your offer.

Regards to everyone.


Hello John, sorry to hear that your Grandson is not showing interest in the game yet. I would give it another chance, talk to him, try to convice him. This is a fantastic game! Me, my son and my nephews just had a wonderful gaming experience on Friday night and are going to make that gaming night from now on. I am sure your grandson will come around to love this game. I am about to paint the figures which will make it even better!

I really hope he comes around and sees what an outstanding game this is. I'll keep checking back to this post and good luck, you would miss on something special.


Hello Feros: I printed out your reply hoping my grandson would have a change of heart. Lucky you to have a nice group to play a table top game against. I would love to have that opportunity. I have been gaming in one form or another for almost 50 years and will not stop til the day I pass on. I'm going to keep this offer open on this forum for about 2 weeks. If nothing happens I will then put it up for bidding on eBay.



Update: The premium banner pack came in today.


Great to here John. If we lived near each other we would have some nice gaming sessions- LOL- I really hope it works out, you guys would be missing on alot of fun. I wish you the best and that he gives it a try- nothing like some good quality time with your family!