Gold (special) orders pool

By Veross, in StarCraft


I just found myself unable to understand new Gold Order rules (from Broodwars, with the Pool).

I thought that you can always put on the stack as many Gold Orders as you wish, but then, when you reveal them, each of those need to be backuped with Research Module. If you revealed 3rd gold and you have only 2 modules - it is discarded.

If that is so simple, why there is this Pool of used/unused Gold Orders, how to use it?

There are also Event Cards that allows you to place Gold Order from stack to the Pool, how does it work? What's the point?


Special Order Pool on Faction Sheet is just a reminder, telling all players how many Special Orders were executed using R&D module(s).

For instance, it can happen that you've executed some Special Orders on planets where you control Strategic Area. In that case, you don't have to place such order in Special Order Pool. The same happens when you discard "Desperate measures" Event card.