my contest entry

By Pooflinger76, in Dust Tactics

robot3.jpg robot_back.jpg I troop1.jpg

Thought i would put these dudes on the site. I hope ffg does this too but if not i wish all the contestants would just post them! These are my first DT miniatures to get paint on em and I really enjoyed painting them. They seem easier to paint than GW! Working on my luther and recon grenadiers now, I like the gas mask look for the germans and may just get some more recon or laser grenadiers!

Those look great man. I also like the well used look on my vehicles like theyve been in the field too long.

Looking good, your soldiers look like they're in the thick of fighting, looking forward to the rest.

I really love your Ludwig, Poo! Looks like a real battle-hardened machine. And that base is excellent aplauso.gif Thanks for taking the initiative to post. I hope all the other contestants will also post their entries here for us to gawk at gran_risa.gif I doubt FFG will ever do anything about this, so, contestants, please......... Thanks!