Which monsters would you like to see in the Creature Guide II ?

By Emirikol, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Which monsters would you like to see in the Creature Guide II ?

The complete list of 2e beasties is here: gallery.rptools.net/v/contrib/emirikol7/WFRP2+-+Complete+creature+stat+block+list.pdf.html

The first ones I'd like to see:

* Werewolf, fimir, zoat, (unless someone has equivalency suggestions)

* I think additional faerie/spite/etc belong in the ELF product that's never going to be released ;)

* Witch hunters and a retinue




chaos dwarf

more skaven

More riding Beasts with specific Actions and

stats for the real dragon, the dragon in the current CV is ridiculous.

To the current list I'd add the Jabberwocky.


Now that they're back in Warhammer; Fimir, Zoats

Better stuff on the Dark Elfs.

In particular - the animal handlers and Sorceress types. I would like to see what a Cold One Rider Knight looks like from the games perspecive. More actions cards for Dark Elves even.



Hellblasters/Ballistae/Cannon. I know they are not monsters per se....

Ships. Ship location cards.

Mundane animals...they aren't sexy and awe inspiring but even a series of generic "predatory beast" "herd beast" "aquatic beast", etc would be nice for eating PC's with sharks, mountain lions, aligators, and grizzly bears, or goring them with wild boars, stags, bulls, etc.

New pets and pet tricks/actions. I can make these myself but I wouldn't turn away some more pet offerings.

More swarms (ie. Murder of Crows). Again, not hard to make on my own but it'd be cool to have some more "base" examples to choose from.

Simple Templates that work something like the Marks of Chaos. You can make just about any creature/npc thematicly linked to Nurgle by adding a Mark of Nurgle. It'd be cool to have other modifying "thingies" that could twist and shape a standard creature to fit an idea, rather than just vomitting out piles and piles of individual NPC's that are a variation on Peasant. You could add a card for Clan Moulder that could mutate and twist a creature to be something horrific from the depths of the Hell Pit...without having to have "mutated cow from hell" as a new card.

Some direction and balancing advice for creating homebrew creatures and minions from scratch.

Wow. Exactly what Callidon said ^.

All those things would be perfect, and, IMO, perfectly reasonable to implement...

Sneak, Brute, Shaman and ... Boss?

Upgrade add-ons for creatures as in OWB.

Also - Fimir.

I always enjoyed killing Fimir in Hero Quest. Good times.

This is just a "what if" right? I mean there has not been any official word on another creature guide right? Regardless I'm throwing in with the fimir, zoats, and ogres.

I would see them all

With that I mean everyone from the 1st edition. But in particular I Want to see:

  • Hobgoblin
  • lizardmann
  • Orc, Half-castes (unlikely since GW went away from the concepts of half orcs)
  • Troglodyte
  • Amoeba
  • Amphisbaena
  • Basilisk
  • Bloodsedge
  • Bog Octopus
  • Chameleloleech
  • Doppelganger
  • Dragon Turtle
  • hippogriff
  • hydra
  • Jabberwock
  • lashworm
  • Leech, monstrous
  • razorbilll
  • werecreature
  • zoats
  • carrion
  • liches
  • mummy
  • elementals (of all kinds)

One Book to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them. I want them all. demonio.gif

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