LCG and CCG?

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I recently starting playing AGOT LCG. I went to this website:


To check out some cards and to see what chapter packs I get them from. But I see there are cards that come from a CCG set. That look very similar to the LCG set. What is the difference? Can you mix them?

I guess me real question was, I was looking at Jon Snow. Specifically the one with all 3 challenge types on him. It says he come from the five kings CCG set, but looks exactly like cards from the LCG?

The CCG version came out first and then the game was converted to the LCG format. Some of the CCG versions of cards are exactly the same or really close to their LCG versions. When playing friendly games and your opponents don't mind it's perfectly fine to mix the two card types if you have both. For Tournaments it's probably best to stick with just the LCG cards.

Yes, some CCG cards have been reprinted in the LCG exactly as they were, and some were altered to varying degrees. Even a subtle change in wording makes the CCG version illegal for standard tournament play.

Sometimes the old CCG artwork of a card is used for a completely new version of a card.

I'm confused by your statement, though, because neither of the LCG versions of Jon Snow is like any of the CCG versions.

I guess maybe your question was about the design of CCG cards in general? Very old CCG cards have a different look, but they changed their design at some point (don't know which block). Eventually, they switched the whole format to LCG and redesigned the game in terms of overall card balance. Also, LCG cards have a white border instead of a black one; the only exceptions are the cards from the A Clash of Arms cycle, which has been legal in both CCG and LCG tournaments.

Generally, for casual play, you can mix CCG and LCG quite easily. But be aware that CCG tend to be more powerful cards (some more, some less) than LCG cards, so you can unbalance your game if not all players have access to CCG cards. Also, unless you have a particular reason for picking up the CCG cards (need to get a bunch of cards for cheap or have a meta that still plays CCG regularly) there's really no need to pick them up, as the card pool for the LCG is quite significant now and there's plenty of variety.

Just to specify/elaborate further: The game was originally a "CCG" - that means the cards came in packs like baseball cards, some cards were rare, others common, and you had to "collect" the set. The cards work perfectly fine from a gameplay standpoint if you just want to have fun/play with friends. A couple of years ago, the game changed/they came up with the "LCG" format - this means that all cards are fixed - if you purchase a pack/box of cards, you know what will be in them/the same exact cards will be in each box. If you ever decide to play in an "official" tournament, sponsored by FFG - only the LCG cards are generally legal (though there may be different formats).

If you do decide you just want to play for fun & purchase some of the CCG packs from internate sites, I would suggest the Five Kings, Iron Throne Edition, House of Thorns, and House of Talons sets/packs - as they most closely resemble the mechanics/game feel of the LCG cards, and are easily playable with any LCG cards you already have.

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Saturnine said:

I'm confused by your statement, though, because neither of the LCG versions of Jon Snow is like any of the CCG versions.


Search for Jon Snow

Click on the first card should be a jon snow card

Then underneath that one it says other cards with that name

Should be the second from the left. Its a jon snow with all three icons. It says its a ccg card.

But it doesnt look like one. So my question was is it a ccg or lcg?

They did use the new "style"/design/format during the CCG times before converting the game to LCG, so going by the look of the card doesnt really work. It is indeed a CCG card as the web site correctly displays it as.

When they switched the format, the LCG took over the general graphic design from the then current CCG cards, that's why I didn't get why you were pointing out Jon Snow in particular. As oshi says, just trust the filter on AGOT Dabbler. If you want an official overview over all the LCG expansions, just check out the Products section on this website.