Tibs: Are you updating your BGG files?

By Cantuse, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

With the change to the wanted card in the revised CotDP and the new skills in Miskatonic, will you be revising either the custom investigators you've previously released, or the thematic items mod?

I am a fan of these releases and was interested if you were still updating these two. Thanks!

The custom investigators do not need to be revised, but I have been painstakingly updating the Thematic Items variant. The Curator just uploaded all the new skills, so I can add those to the sheet and I can submit it for upload tomorrow. Then it'll be up whenever it's approved.

One new rule for the Thematic Items is that you deal Relationship cards that both investigators have listed on their item cards. Only if all eligible cards are already in play, then you deal it based on the current investigator's item card (and disregard his partner's).

Really, I was on the fence about one character's personal story because it was dependent on a detriment card, but I think I'll leave it as it is.

Also I'll be updating my "learn the game" scenarios to reflect this new material.

Thanks for your support!

Ironically, if we had not scheduled a board game night tonight, and if I had not been occupied with a 5½ hour Yig game (you read that right), then I would have seen The Curator's post earlier and the Starting Item sheets would already be done.

Thanks for the answer. WRT to the custom investigators, I was wondering if the changes to the Harried and Wanted detriments in the revised CotDP would cause a change to Sabrina Monroe or Rachel Garret. Sounds like it isn't, but I figure I would make that question explicit in case you had overlooked it.

Thanks again, I really enjoy these investigators.

Where are these? Sorry if it's posted somewhere blatent; I'm not exicted about digging through the Custom Content sub-forum.

Custom investigators

Introducing expansions via scenarios —this one will be updated upon my receiving Miskatonic

As a heads-up, the Thematic Starting Items file has been completely revised and is in the submission process at BGG.

Since I have no idea how long that would take, if you want a copy before then you can mail me of course.

[email protected]